At Mohit Ispat Limited, we manufacture exceptionally strong reinforcement bars, with unique rib design and other unmatched features stands apart and ahead in the steel market. The bars are made by absolute International methods and surpass almost all International standards. MIL’s TMT Steel imparts extraordinary strength to the constructions, making them remain unmovable even under extreme conditions.
With ever-increasing and ever-changing steel requirements of buyers, Mohit Ispat Limited has also widened its arena and today suits all necessities for the construction of anything, anywhere. From small houses to huge sky scrapers, to meticulous mega constructions like Dams, Flyovers, heavy hi-tech infrastructures and more, Mohit Ispat Limited manufactured TMT Steel is the most used steel and is been loved by various eminent construction companies.
Some of the USP of our product are:

  • Unique computer-controlled uniform rib design with incredible capability to grip on any surface.
  • Excellent bending ability due to tough outer surface and soft inner core.
  • Supreme welding ability due to controlled carbon contents.
  • Excellent for compression and tension reinforcement.
  • Much higher Tensile Strength than ordinary brands.
  • Maximum Earthquake resistance: The specific metallurgical property of MIL manufactured TMT increases its resistance against earthquakes.

Fe415 Grade TMT Bars

  • Fe415 Grade TMT Bars are available in sizes ranging from 8mm to 32mm
  • Fe415 Grade TMT Bars are most effective for less than 2 stories building or small houses.

Fe500 Grade TMT Bars

  • Fe500 Grade TMT have a high ductility and tensile strength.
  • Fe500 Grade TMT Bars are capable of resisting a much higher seismic pressure than the other TMT Bars of lower grade.
  • All sizes from 8mm to 32mm are available as per the recommendations of the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • Fe500 Grade TMT Bars are cost effective resulting into savings of over 14%.

CRSA 500 Grade TMT Bars

  • CRSA stands for Corrosion Resistant Steel Alloys
  • CRSA 500 Grade TMT Steel Bars are highly corrosion resistant steel bars, containing micro alloy component containing like chromium and copper.
  • CRSA 500 Grade TMT Steel Bars are suitable for highly corrosive atmosphere like coastal area, area having high moisture content in climate, Oil & Gas Exploration Sites, Thermal & Hydro power station construction or any other corrosive atmosphere.
  • CRSA 500 Grade TMT also has all the properties of Fe500 Grade TMT Steel Bars and are available in sizes ranging from 8mm to 32mm
  • With HEGEMON 500 TMT you save in direct costing.
  • With reduced weight transportation cost, fabrication cost and such other cost reduces which are in-direct savings.