The INJECTOR SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY is being used to produce the quality TMT product. This system is very efficient in giving you the uniformity in three layers which is the real mark of quality. The system is designed, so that the Tempering is done at different stages to get the consistency in formation uniform micro structure. The micro structure when viewed under a micro scope will show the spread of different metallurgical properties like Martensite, Ferrite, and Pearlite in a circular form (exactly round & not oval) Ring formation is visible to naked Eyes even in the smallest of the sizes if manufactured in a proper way.





Steel at Mohit Ispat Limited, is made from In-house manufactured Billets in our own Integrated Steel Plant. Availability of In-house facilities to manufacture raw materials from Iron-ore stage ensures better control over quality of raw material used for manufacturing of steel, rolled in the fully automatic rolling mill of international standards.

TMT bars rolled are of uniform size and strength which ensures long lasting construction. Made by proven INJECTOR SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY, which gives the bars higher yield strength, extra toughness and high elongation value. Uniform rib design, designed in our R & D department. The ribs are made of using the CNC notch cutting machine. This ensures strong bonding with concrete.

Our plant is designed to produce 1,50,000MT of finished steel products annually.